Take A Thirty-Day Challenge

It is normal to have ups and downs; even in long-term loving relationships, the emotions wax and wane. During the turbulent time, a couple has less frequent sex; it is normal, nothing to be alarmed about. These downtimes can be an excellent opportunity to rekindle the exhausting flame of passion. For a month, the couple must try some sexy daring act every night; if one night is skipped, it is added subsequently. The challenge of naughty acts cannot be extended beyond forty days in any given condition. Menstrual period, traveling, work are excluded from this stipulated time bar. Each couple is empowered with two veto days, deciding to abstain or have sex in his/her wistful fashion.

The challenge involves many sexy, exciting activities together, including watching porn websites like https://xfantazy.com/The couple can buy sex toys; opt for oral sex instead of regular position, anything, and everything to jazz up the erotic life. The thirty-day challenge works if there is mutual consent and interest. Sex toys can open up new horizons in couple sex. 

Induce Toys in Sex

Toys are tools to enhance your experience, which otherwise not possible such as vibrate and pulse. These intense feelings can give a profound orgasmic experience, never experienced before. The range of experiences the couple experience can spice up the sex life, essential for a long-lasting relationship. Many people assume toys are for solo sexual pleasure, but sex is about the joining of two bodies and mind. Talking about sex toys with your partner for mutual pleasure is the first step. When one wants to induce toys in sex, the other one thinks of handcuff or whip, but it is not true.

Sex in a relationship should never be an act of compulsion; if it becomes so, the challenge should be stopped instantly. If this challenge turns you on or your partner, do not hesitate to break the rules, to impose your own laws.

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