How to Build a Better Sexual Experience?

Similar to the size and shape of the penis, semen volume turns into a vital source of confusion, pride, anxiety, and insecurity for hundreds and thousands of men from all across the globe. When men compare themselves with pornstars who cum lots of semen, they feel that they are lacking something worthy. At times, men’s anxiety pops from the notion that the volume of ejaculation is related to virility, masculinity, or fertility. Sometimes, men tend to believe their ejaculation volume is connected to their sexual experience. 

The importance of sperm count

Fertility doctors consider the count of sperm to be a vital factor, and no man can ignore it when the matter zeroes on fertility. If you want to increase sperm volume, you have to pay heed to various factors. Some important things are you need to quit smoking, make changes to your diet, and get more rest. However, it is important to take medications that sometimes end up lessening the healthy production of sperm. 

Sperm count indicates the average number of sperm that remains present in a sample of semen. According to the recent guidelines of the WHO (World Health Organization), experts consider a man to have a healthy count of sperm to be fifteen million/ml or nearly thirty-nine/ejaculate.

Ways to increase sperm volume

If you want to increase your sperm volume, you need to follow some steps:

Shed weight – If you are overweight, you have to lose weight, and it is one of the highly effective things that can increase sperm count. According to studies, it has been proven that weight loss increases semen volume, mobility, concentration, and general health of sperm. 

Consume vitamins – A few kinds of vitamins, including Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Vitamin E, are vital for the health of sperm. A study proved that when men take 1000 milligrams of Vitamin C regularly, they can increase sperm mobility and concentration. 

Regular Movement – Even when a person fails to lose a sufficient amount of weight, he should remain active. Again, he should lead a healthy lifestyle, too. This will boost the sperm count. Studies have proved that outdoor exercises and weightlifting help sperm health compared to other kinds of exercises.   

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