Exploring fetishism In the Light of New Path to Sexuality

Fetishist, you have already heard that word. But is it a taste or a perversion? What exactly does the term “fetishism” mean in terms of sexuality?

Fetishism is the worship of a fetish, that is, the worship of an object. Initially, there is nothing sexual or erotic about it, but it is from this concept that derived the sexual fetishism, which refers to sexual practices arising from the adoration of a fetish.

Focus on the phenomenon of sexual fetishism

Sexual fetishism is a term used for the first time by Alfred Binet in the 1880s. It puts the individual in a position of sexual arousal at the mere sight or physical contact of an object or situation specific. There are many facets to sexual fetishism, as there are objects and preferences, but some are more prevalent than others. So, are we all a bit fetishistic when we have an object that excites us? No. This term is used when the person fantasizes about a fetish in a particular and unusual way until it disrupts his social life.

Exploring fetishism In the Light of New Path to Sexuality

The different types of sexual fetishism

There are several variations of sexual fetishism. First, when the source object of excitement, in sight or touch, is a part of the body, this is called “partialism”. The most common form is foot fetishism. But it can also be, for example, buttocks, hands, breasts, legs, navel, nose. Sexual fetishism can also include items such as gloves, tights, shoes With high heels. For the individual concerned, see or touch his fetish up sexual excitement in him and it is the seventh heaven insured! Finally, this behavior, called in this case “doraphilie”, can also relate to materials such as latex and leather. For the sexual fetishist, to be able to touch his fetishes, it’s really the foot!

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Why cannot we always identify his fantasies?

Fantasies can often be disguised, even unconscious. In other words, we fantasize but we ignore it completely: ┬áMost fantasies are so short that we do not have time to identify them as such. It is nice ‘can be loaded with fantastic images and desire as quickly repressed as they. To want to dry the work may be a fantasy of unexpected, unpredictable enjoyment, a desire to disturb the course of things, including sexually. Everything is a pretext for fantasy. However, for all these you will need the right tool. You will have to choose the same.

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