Big Guide To Lesbian Sex Toys

I’ll discuss lesbian sex and relationships in more depth in another article, but for now, I’d like to focus on the specific tools bisexual and lesbian women can use to derive and gain the highest levels of sexual pleasure during intimate moments. With a little ingenuity, a lot of imagination and this guide to lesbian sex toys, you will have everything you need to give your lady love an unforgettable lesbian sex session to satisfy her most passionate dreams

Nipple Stimulation  

When you’re both relaxed and aroused and ready to move on to something even more enticing during your amazing lesbian sex, her (and your) breasts are the obvious choice. I know this section is marked as nipple stimulation but there’s more to boobs than just those sensitive areolae. Teasing the surrounding area of her breasts, the sides and underneath can be a thrill for both of you – and will get her nipples sitting up begging for attention.

Our heteronormative, phallocentric society loves to promote the myth that sex begins and ends with penis-in-vagina. That the only true definition of sex is thrusting a penis into a vagina which then ejaculates at some point, which signals the End Of The Sex. I’m here to tell you that such a view is wrong on so many levels. There are plenty of creative ways to enjoy various types of sex and sexual stimulation, no matter your gender, sexuality, or relationship status. Today I want to talk about the glorious sexual pleasure enjoyed specifically by bisexual and lesbian women, with their female lovers

Feather Ticklers

Big Guide To Lesbian Sex Toys: The Best Sex Toys For Lesbian  Don’t underestimate how effective simple-looking accessories can be… when used in your expert hands, of course. A feather tickler can be used over her inner thighs and back to deliver lighter strokes than you could achieve with your fingertips, giving her goosebumps and the first tendrils of arousal.

An ice cube run under the tap is an easy way to introduce a thrill to naked skin (make sure you’ve put a Companion sex towel or Sheets of San Francisco fluid proof sheet down first) or why not expand your temperature play with a vibrating ice massager? You don’t have to turn it on – at least, not until you’re both ready for more.

Stimulating Foreplay  

Before diving straight for the well-known ‘hot spots’ on her body during your amazing lesbian sex, make sure you set the scene for passion. And I don’t mean just clearing away the dirty laundry from around the bed. Although there’s definitely a time and a place for the ‘quickie’, longer sessions where you both take your time can lead to incredibly intense shared pleasure


Sexual lubricant is all too often viewed as just an accessory to bedroom fun rather than a tool in its own right – lubricant removes the friction that can often make exploration of your partner feel more jolting than smooth.

There are ‘special effect’ lubricants as well; try a cooling or warming type whether somewhere relatively innocent (inner thighs, collar bone, back of her neck) or to add another layer of stimulation later on in the session.

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